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Company Commander

Although the original Company Commander was designed at the height of the Cold War it represented a chaotic vision where a Third World Country is fragmented into many factions struggling to gain control.

Today that chaotic vision has moved from the imagination of the games original designer to the screens on our nightly news.

Company Commander has come a long way in those years but the nightmare has become more real and current, not less. Modern wars are often fought with what Western Forces would regard as archaic weapons from a bygone age. An armoured car, long obsolete to a modern army may prove decisive on a far distant battlefield where the men are ill trained irregulars with obsolete weapons.

Why not join Company Commander and really test your skills as a leader and organiser in a scenario that is frighteningly current and realistic.

The current game has already seen many Game generated encounters where the players interact with neighbouring states and under world characters to trade in contraband goods and smuggled equipment.

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Company Commander Quick Reference table

To assist you in your combat calculations I have put together a Quick Reference table. You can download it by clicking HERE.