Ancient Empires
The setting for Ancient Empires is at the dawn of time where you, a second son or lone adventurer set out to find your fortune.

With control of a small cluster of villages it is up to you to lead your forces to dominance of the area around you and to create an Ancient Empire.

Starting with very low tech units you will need to expand as well as study to make more effective weapons for your military.

All Empires in history have not only been militarily dominant, their civilisation has been strong and stable and this is no different in Ancient Empires.

The game has been developed to make sure that their will have to be choices between "Butter or Bullets" or more appropriately plough shares or swords.

Your civilisation will require artisans, scholars, hunters, fishermen and other specialists to provide everything that you will need.

With advancement you will gain more effective military and civil units to advance you into a golden age.

Each unit is up to 100 men with differing military and support units to make up your army. Logistic units will be needed to carry food and heavy weapons with your marching army.

The sea is open to whoever is able to travel it is safety. Their are a number of naval units available from small fishing boats to warships.

Ancient Empires is easy to learn but difficult to master and with a number of other players competing it will be difficult to prevail. Here lies your challenge, are you ready?

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